Power of prayer unites Brazilian Nazarenes

Tue, 07/26/2022 – 21:37

Church of the Nazarene South America

On the 3rd Friday of each month, the District of São Paulo meets via Zoom to pray.

They pray for local churches and leaders, global leadership, missionaries and children of missionaries, people who are preparing to be sent and those who are being sent as missionaries, persecuted countries, and salvation.

At the last meeting, a Nazarene Missions International leader shared a dream about working for the kingdom of God. There were requests for prayer from the missionaries who were present, and those present heard briefly their testimonies.

“God has moved in every prayer meeting,” Fernanda Kowara (insert role) said. “For we are a church that cries out to God and He has wrought wonders in our midst, so we are glad.”

Here is the testimony of some of those who regularly participate in these prayer meetings:

Veronica Bernardi, NMI leader of Sorocaba Church of the Nazarene

“How good it is to be united in prayer with our brothers. This period of prayer has brought fellowship and strengthened every part of Christ’s body through prayer. My heart rejoices to be part of a global church that sends missionaries, prays, and donates its resources and time.”

Rose Cristine, NMI leader of Patriarch Church of the Nazarene

“On 17 June, I had the privilege of participating in the NMI Moment of Prayer and sharing the the passage of Nehemiah 4:1-6 and 14 about the enemies who oppose the work of the Jerusalem wall. I didn’t understand why this Word burned in my heart; I even tried to change the focus a few times, but I always returned to it. So I decided to obey and share it.

To my surprise, among the participants in the prayer were the missionaries Cassia and Nilberto, who were touched by this Word, because they understood that it was a prayer response. They are awaiting the construction of the local church wall in Paraguay, and [they] face constant challenges to carry it out. But with this blessed moment of prayer and support from all, they have had their strength renewed in God and are certain that the wall will be erected for the Glory of Jesus. Although it has been a very short time, I have noticed God uniting us to work wonders in the name of Jesus.”

Mayara Oliveira, NMI leader of Cotia Church of the Nazarene

“NMI prayers on Fridays have been a blessing in my life. In addition to being a moment of communion with the brothers, sisters, and missionaries, it is a precious time. I have already had answers through these prayers. God builds my life using the lives of my brothers.”


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