Phillippines pastors’ kids summit encourages intergenerational support

Thu, 08/04/2022 – 21:21

Asia-Pacific Region Church of the Nazarene

The Philippines Church of the Nazarene held an intergenerational Pastors’ Kids (PK) National Summit 7-11 July 2022 with the theme “Break free.” Around 300 PKs and pastors from Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao participated in the event.

The Holistic Child Development Ministry, led by Jackson Natividad, spearheaded the planning and organizing of the summit. The gathering aimed to cater to every age group’s needs as they serve their local church and help their parents in the ministry. It also aimed to address the various challenges PKs experience in their personal lives and ministry.

The younger PKs heard the stories of senior PKs, learning how their testimonies can be patterns of best practices in the church and communities. The hope is that the summit will become a launching pad for the 21st-century generation of PK ministries.

The week-long activities included workshops and plenary sessions, which PKs also led. The organizers utilized a co-facilitation strategy so that participants could gain perspectives from both the younger and older generations of PK.

The summit culminated with a commissioning service led by Arnel Piliin, Philippines-Micronesia field strategy coordinator. Piliin challenged every pastor’s kid to be an active participant in the Great Commission.

During the service, the senior PKs, district superintendents, pastors, and church leaders conducted a ceremonial passing of the baton and passing of the towel to the younger generation of PKs and leaders. The ceremony symbolized the solidarity of becoming a family and being united in God’s calling within the PK community.

“I had a life-changing experience at the PK Summit,” said Jumela, a PK. “I felt incredibly blessed to have the opportunity to attend this event, connect with other PKs, and build friendships. I wasn’t aware of the privilege of having a pastor for a parent when I was younger. But now, I finally understand and appreciate the calling to be a pastor’s kid, and I’m proud to be a pastor’s kid.”

–Church of the Nazarene Asia-Pacific


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