Ethiopia Nazarenes celebrate unity at leadership conference

Thu, 08/11/2022 – 20:49

Africa Region Church of the Nazarene

The Ethiopia National Church of the Nazarene partnered with the Creative Leadership Institute of Ethiopia for a seminar held in May that was attended by 75 representatives at the district level from around the country.

It also provided the opportunity for collaborative conversations between national ministry leaders and district superintendents as they seek to continue to develop leaders to carry the Church of the Nazarene in Ethiopia forward.

The sessions touched on the topics of evangelism, church planting, the doctrine of holiness and the practical steps in seeking sanctification, the Wesleyan-Holiness theology, and the history and polity of the Church of the Nazarene.

Participants expressed how much the seminar opened their eyes to better understand the doctrine of holiness and the foundation of the Church of the Nazarene like never before. Many said that the seminar would help edify the church as they help share the materials and knowledge they received from their districts and local churches.

In addition, Pastors Aweis Ali and Abinet Ababu shared with the leaders about the fruits of reconciliation and the ongoing efforts of healing necessitated by the ongoing Civil War in their country. They thanked God for the unity of the Ethiopian church during these difficult times.

Their hope is to gather all Ethiopians for a celebration service in October or November of this year.

–Church of the Nazarene Africa Region


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