Living the Great Commission training goes to Argentina’s Original People’s District

Fri, 09/02/2022 – 13:51

South America Region Church of the Nazarene

A Living the Great Commission event was held among the native tribes in the town of Laguna Nainek, located in the north of Argentina. The Original Peoples District helped organize the event and were joined by the pastors and leaders of the Qom ethnic group.

“It was a great blessing,” said Pastor Pérsida. “At our work table, we were able to talk and see how we are doing and discuss what we want to achieve for our local church.”

The event was held in both Spanish and Qom. A total of 42 people attended, and in total there were 95 participants representing six churches. There was also a time of ministry for the children of the leaders who were present, both children and adolescents and young people.

“We left encouraged,” said another pastor. “It was a great time of meeting and camaraderie after the pandemic that brought so many losses to our community.”

There was also a time of training in evangelism, led by District Superintendent Carlos Radi and Virginia Sanagachi, the Nazarene Missions International district president.

“This is a time that the Lord has given us to bear fruit,” Radi said. “It is our opportunity to make a difference in the world; Living the Great Commission has the biblical vision, and it is the direction that the Lord has given us to reach our contemporaries. As Wesleyans in this time, we have power to make a difference. On God’s side, everything is possible.”


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