Argentina church carries out missions trip to Original Peoples’ District

Fri, 09/16/2022 – 13:33

Church of the Nazarene South America

Iglesia del Nazareno de Moreno in Buenos Aires organized a mission trip to the Original Peoples’ District and invited other congregations to enjoy the experience from 14-18 July.

The 12-person team arrived in a caravan of four cars. The group included church members, ages 6 to 70 years old, from three congregations. The diversity of participants — families, adults, youth, and children — made it clear that everyone has a place in God’s mission.

“It was not easy to organize the trip,” said Andrea Gómez, Moreno church NMI president. “We had many inconveniences. There were days of fasting and prayer, sales of everything to raise the money. It was a great challenge and it was the first time for some, but God surprised us and took care of us back and forth.“

The team was divided into three groups. They ministered to the children of leaders and pastors for two consecutive days, entertaining them with recreation and theater play, also presenting the plan of salvation. Topics for adolescents included addictions, depression, and cyberbullying.

In addition, the team visited three distant congregations where they participated in services, shared testimonies and praises, and learned about other ways of worshiping our Lord.

“On this journey, God spoke strongly into my life,” Gómez said. “We were really all very blessed; we were left wanting more. For this reason, we are already planning another trip.”

Church of the Nazarene South America


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Argentina Missions Trip to Original People's District