Nearly 50 pastors ordained in Zimbabwe, Malawi

Thu, 09/29/2022 – 19:34

Africa Region Church of the Nazarene

Nearly 50 Nazarene pastors were ordained in early September in both Zimbabwe and Malawi.

On 3 September 2022, General Superintendent Eugenio Duarte ordained 26 pastors from the East and West districts of Zimbabwe. For those long-serving pastors whose relatives were getting ordained, Duarte allowed them to present the ordination certificates to their relatives.

After a rousing rendition of “Called Unto Holiness,” Duarte encouraged all the pastors present to “bloom where they are planted or replanted and bear fruits.”

Furthermore, Duarte shared the need for more pastors in Africa Region as there are currently more churches than pastors.

Paul Mtambo, the field strategy coordinator for Africa Southeast, was present along with the Zimbabwean district superintendents, Willard Katandika of Zimbabwe East District, Margaret Sibanda from the Midlands District, and J Mafohla, of the Zimbabwe West District. The service ended with a time of fellowship as the joy on the people’s faces was evident.

A week later, 150 Malawian Nazarenes warmly welcomed Duarte at the airport through singing and dancing when he arrived to ordain 22 pastors that weekend. The local government provided security detail for Duarte as he drove to the hotel where he, along with host Nixon Nzunga, was hosted by the local church through food and music.

On Saturday, 10 September, an ordination service was held at Ufulu Church of the Nazarene in Area 43 with 447 people in attendance from across the country.

Duarte ordained a total of 22 pastors, among them seven women. The church in Malawi was encouraged to continue to work for the Lord.

–Church of the Nazarene Africa


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