Lives transformed thanks to generosity

Fri, 10/07/2022 – 14:20

Nazarene News Staff

Thanks to the generosity of Nazarenes around the world, the Church of the Nazarene is able to continue spreading the transformational love of Christ in every corner of the world.

Resources are now available for the upcoming Offering of Thanks for Nazarene Missions.

The offering website,, includes promotional materials such as social media graphics, videos, posters, brochures, a PowerPoint graphic, and bulletin inserts to support local churches.

Every time you pray, give to Nazarene Missions, or go on a missions trip, you share Christ’s love and help transform lives like Alexander Gautreaux’s.

Alexander Gautreaux pastors El Amirante Church of the Nazarene in the Dominican Republic. He’s the first to admit his past wasn’t Christ honoring.

“I had a very messy life when it came to women,” Gautreaux said. “I had an alcohol addiction and a wild lifestyle.”

When he told one woman from his past that he became a Christian, she responded saying she “had to see that to believe it.”

He traced problems in his early life to his upbringing and his relationship with his father. It brought pain, anxiety, and an emptiness that he was trying to fill with worldly things. It was affecting him personally and in his family life.

“Everything was falling apart,” Gautreaux said. “It was an abyss.”

When he came home from work one day, he overheard a service taking place nearby. As he listened to the message of the pastor, he began to feel a conviction. He and his wife asked the pastor and the people from the church to come to their house.

“My words were, ‘Starting tonight, many things are going to change in this house,’” Gautreaux said. “And they did. Everything changed.”

In addition to changes in his own life, Gautreaux’s family began to change.

“From feeling miserable, depressive, and violent, I started to feel like someone,” Gautreaux said. “Not because of me, but because God made me someone.”

As a pastor now, Gautreaux sees not only how God worked in his life and his home, but in the life of his father as well.

“God brought me to go to the Church of the Nazarene, because in this place, in this community is where He wanted me and where He wants me now,” Gautreaux said.


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