‘Children’s Cry’ shares gospel across Venezuela

Thu, 10/13/2022 – 23:02

South America Church of the Nazarene

The Nazarene Discipleship International (NDI) ministry of the Venezuela Lago District held an event called Children’s Cry where the children of each local church were able to march and raise their voices to proclaim that Jesus is their Lord and Savior.

This activity was carried out in the Perijá area of Las Piedras with more than 100 children from the different churches in the area. Similarly, in the Maracaibo area, it was held on Saturday 17 September, in the El Silencio sector. Six churches participated with roughly 70 children involved, and 80 youth and adults supported the activity.

In both zones, stops were made in strategic places where the children danced, performed plays and skits, sang, and preached the word.

In the Perijá area, a young lady name Willianys Corona, from the Shalom Church of the Nazarene shared a portion of the Word of God with the children. Similarly, in the Maracaibo area, the young Gilberto Vargas of the El Caujaro Church of the Nazarene was in charge of teaching. In the end of the event, recognition was given to each local NDI coordinator who made the activity possible.

“The Children’s Cry was a very beautiful experience,” said Delia Alvarado, NDI coordinator of the Nueva Berea Church of the Nazarene. “By walking with the children through the community and seeing how receptive the people were to receiving a ‘God bless you,’ a greeting in their homes, others came out to receive us; I could feel that the hope and love of God came through the children, who were willing to support that “Cry” march for God. The Children’s Cry made them feel important, and that encourages them to continue learning in obedience and in the freedom that the Father gives us.”


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