Costa Rica church provides aid, support to migrants

Thu, 10/13/2022 – 22:47

Mesoamerica Region Church of the Nazarene

Sublime Gracia Church of the Nazarene in Costa Rica, has doubled its efforts to bring relief to some Venezuelan migrants who are in the country’s capital.

Members of the church along with Nazarene Compassionate Ministries delivered more than 200 personal hygiene kits, clothing, breakfasts and Good Samaritan boxes, among others. These efforst were supported by the Central District of Costa Rica through NCM. Other churches in the district that have joined along the way, both to collaborate as volunteers and financially.

“Our Mission has led us to show the love of Christ to our brothers,” said Elimelec Juantá, pastor of Sublime Gracia.

The Sublime Gracia congregation began a little over 5 years ago. Juantá said that from their beginning they embraced compassionate ministry to migrants and homeless people.

“I can say that it is in the DNA of our church,” Juantá said.

During these years the church has aided refugees and migrants financially, with legal advice, food, donation of clothes and shoes, and church members have provided their homes as shelter to migrants.

“As a congregation we understand that we are part of a large number of believers who love the Lord by serving others,” Juantá said. “we give glory to God for the opportunity He gives us to serve.”

–Church of the Nazarene Mesoamerica


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