Papua New Guinea district holds women’s retreat

Thu, 10/13/2022 – 23:14

Asia-Pacific Church of the Nazarene

The North Coast District of Papua New Guinea hosted a women’s retreat in Huon Gulf Church of the Nazarene 26-30 September 2022. Over 100 women participated in the gathering.

This event was intended to be the National Women in Ministry Annual Convention, but it was postponed until next year due to post-election tensions, and tribal fighting.

The organizers were disappointed at first but decided to continue the retreat since most of the women had already bought their tickets. The challenges also gave organizers a chance to put their theme into action, “Rise up all daughters of Zion, put on your beautiful garments,” taken from Isaiah 52:1-2.

According to Merolyn Mack, the district’s women’s ministry president, the event allowed attendees, many of whom have been Christians and church-goers for many years, to overcome obstacles that were blocking them from fully experiencing Christ.

The retreat also served as encouragement during recent crises such as increased violence, drugs, alcoholism, abuse, and misuse of social media that affect the lives of young generations.

These issues stirred up fear, worry, confusion, and desperation in the attendees’ lives, but the hope they have in Christ diminished their worries.

“(We must) take our stand against this invisible enemy that is causing all this chaos,” Mack

said. “This retreat will awaken and recharge the women spiritually. Together we can achieve great things in our district that impacts the field and the region.”

This event strengthened the sisterhood among the women in ministry in Papua New Guinea and stirred excitement for the participants for the upcoming Women in Ministry event next year.

–Church of the Nazarene Asia-Pacific


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